Saturday, February 7, 2015

Awesome Ice Cubes and Energy Drinks

Awesome Ice Cubes and Energy Drinks

So as you all know, I love doing product reviews. Why you ask? Because I get free stuff to do it, so in essence, I get to do this:

Yes, in case you were wondering, I love Wayne's World. 

In this post I'm going to review not one, but two, TWO products at once.  And if you combine them, you can get really cold energy drinks.  Yes… get excited.

Product #1

Behind door number one (Pic of bob barker doors), we have Liquid Ice energy drinks. First off, I want to preface that I LOVE ENERGY DRINKS.  I also love coffee, guarana, and anything else that gives me all this energy and replaces sleep.  Game on!

So the nice folks at Liquid Ice sent me 2 of their dranks (red drank and blue drank) and some swag like a hat and tee shit and junk.  So what did I do with a few of my friends? Yes… we drank the shi*t out of them.  Then what happened you may ask? We went out for the night and ran around. 

So were they good? Hell yeah they were. Well… I liked them more than one of my friends who said the drinks reminded him of off brand soda, but in energy drink form.  I highly recommend drinking them with vodka, so instead of a Red Bull vodka, Liquid Ice vodka. And you can also get both red and blue colors and mix them to get purple drank.  I'm not sure if Liquid Ice has other colors beyond blue and red, but if they do, then the color combos are endless. 

Product #2

What is the next amazing product you ask?  Ice ball makers by Arctic Chill.  These little rubber things make round ice that keep your drink colder longer.  How you ask? I have no clue, but that’s what the company said it does.

These things were pretty cool, but only fit in really fat glasses.  They actually wouldn’t fit into a pint glass.    

So what did I do with my giant ice ball you ask?  Drumroll…. Drank it with tequila.  And it was awesome. My tequila was cold but I didn’t follow the exact scientific method or anything with another glass with normal ice cubes and a thermometer in both. We’ll just assume that the giant ice ball kept my drink super cold. 


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