I Don't Sell to You, I Partner With You

My services are for people who:

  • Are going all out and throwing an over the top event
  • Want their party to go without a hitch
  • Want someone behind the bar that they would invite to their event anyhow (We're cool. Or at least like to think we are)
  • Need to have a fun and creative bar

My services may not be for people who:

  • Are looking for a bargain bartender or "a party on a budget"
  • Want a bartender to wear a vest. We don't even like ties
  • Are looking to hire "the help"

I've kept pricing simple, here it is:

  • Bartender: $65 an hour (flat rate)
  • Bar back: $45 an hour (flat rate)

Just a Few Details:

  • I charge from when I arrive to when I leave.
  • I have a travel fee ($65/hr) if your event is 45 minutes or more away from Silver Spring, MD.
  • I strongly recommend that I arrive 45-60 minutes before guests arrive to set up the bar. Events hosted outside of your home and/or with rented glassware take much longer to set up.
  • I'm happy to provide proposals and references for events over 400 people. If you have less than that, please check out what people say on Yelp.
  • I have a 4 hour minimum on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This number's actually pretty easy to hit with set up time and a little light clean up. 
  • I have a 5 hour minimum in December. 
  • A service fee may be applied to corporate/business events. 
  • Once I am confirmed and booked for your event, I have a $130 cancellation fee.  After I am booked for your event, I have to also begin saying no to being able to help with other people's events. 
  • DO NOT put out a tip jar. Sometimes the host does and obviously I'm cool with it.

That's it. Let's have a drink!