Party Shopping List

Having a party at your place? Here is a shopping list to make most drinks someone would order in a bar.

I come with my own openers, shakers, strainers and measuring tools. I don't bring a bar, glasses, alcohol or ice. If you need, there a plenty of good party supply rental companies on Yelp.

Serving Materials
• ~12 oz cups
• Plastic shot glasses
• 1/2 pound of ice per person
• Napkins
• Straws/sip sticks
• A towel, bar rag or paper towels
• Container to serve ice out of (Like this or this)
• Trash can that can also store liquid waste as well
• Container for beer and wine to chill (example)
• Cereal bowls for fruit (1 bowl for each type of fruit)

For quantity, I would go with 1 bottle per 40 people (this is for 750ml bottles, which are MUCH easier to pour/work with)
• Vodka – See my Vodka Review post for brand recommendations and what you may want to stay away from
• Gin
• Whiskey/Bourbon
• Tequila
• Rum
• Scotch

You can buy your booze online! Get $5 off your first order and have it delivered to your house:

For quantity, I would go with 1 bottle per 80 people (this is for 750ml bottles)
• Triple sec (most important of the 4 liqueurs)
• Melon flavored liquor
• Apple flavored liquor
• Peach schnapps

• Orange juice
• Cranberry juice
• Pineapple juice
• Grapefruit juice

Carbonated Mixers:
For quantity, I would go with 192 ounces per type/flavor per 60 people
• Lemon-lime soda
• Ginger ale
• Coke
• Diet Coke
• Soda water (Regular flat water is good to have too - people get thirsty!)
• Tonic
• Red bull

Other Mixers:
• Rose's lime juice (or other brand found in the mixers isle)
• Sour mix
• Grenadine
• Sweet Vermouth
• Bitters

Beer and Wine Quantities:
• Beer: 3-5 beers per beer drinker (depending on how much beer your guests may consume per night)
• Wine: 1 bottle for every 2 of that color wine drinker

You can also buy beer, wine and mixers on Drizly and get it delivered to you (it's my favorite way to buy alcohol these days)

• Limes and lemons (with a sharp knife and cutting board)
• Jar of olives (plus additional olive juice if you have a dirty martini crowd)
• Jar of maraschino cherries (bar cherries)