Thursday, December 24, 2009

How the Screwdriver Got It’s Name

A mix of orange juice and vodka makes a screwdriver. It’s an easy to make and delicious drink. High school and college kids love it because most of their parents have vodka in the liquor cabinet, and then there is OJ, apple juice or milk in the fridge. Easy choice. For many, (like me!) it was the first thing they got drunk on.

Usually, by the time we are actually legally allowed to drink, we’re sick of screwdrivers but talking about them bring back lots of great nostalgia…

Speaking of nostalgia, what's the story behind the name "screwdriver?"
There’s a story!

Back in the day when they were building the Panama Canal, the cheap labor at the time was workers from Russia. The Russians would drink vodka to relax, during lunch and after work. However, the Russians’ supervisors didn’t want them too drunk off of straight vodka, so the supervisors gave the Russians a mixer to dilute the drink.
Being in Panama, oranges were all over, so the Russians were given orange juice as a mixer.

Then to stir the drink, the Russians used the screwdrivers from their work belts to mix their drink.

It was this that gave the name of the drink that would go on to get thousands of high school and college kids drunk for years to come.
Thank you Russian workers and their supervisors!


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