Friday, December 18, 2009

How to NOT Act At A Bar

In this post, I am going to boast about how awesome I am about customer service (sort of) by telling a story and giving a warning about what to never do in a bar. Lets go!

It is a Saturday and the bar is pretty busy. I am also manning the service bar, so I am making drinks for the waiters to take back to their tables. Three girls come up to my bar, each one of them orders a drink while they are waiting for their table. Cool- I pour and serve the drinks 1,2,3.

One of the drinks is a specialty cocktail that we have called a Midnight Mimosa that has champagne, Chambord, pineapple juice and lime juice. We our specialty cocktails listed on a small menu that the guests look at then order from, with the ingredients printed right below the name of the drink.

The girl with the Midnight Mimosa takes one sip of it and says, “Excuse me, I don’t like how this tastes.”
David: Oh, I’m sorry, what’s wrong with it?
Girl: I don’t like how champagne tastes
(She still has the drink menu with the ingredients of each drink listed below the name of the drink in her hand from when she ordered)

OK- so most people know that the difference between a glass of orange juice and a normal mimosa is champagne, right? Plus it was right there on the menu.

Now at this point, I could laugh at her, make her feel stupid or give her a bag of shit- all of these would be fun make me happy. But I don’t. I swallow it.

David: Yeah, the Midnight Mimosa does have champagne in it. Can I make you something else?
Girl: Yeah, I’ll just have a mojito then.

BARTENDERS HATE MAKING MOJITOS. They are a huge pain to make and take a long time.

Right after she says this, the hostess comes to tell them their table is ready. Her two friends grab their drinks and leave. She’s still sitting there waiting for her drink. Sucks.

By then there were a lot of other people waiting patiently, so I took care of them, then made her slow-to-make-f-ing mojito while she had to sit and wait alone. Of course, I didn’t mean to have this happen to her. However, karma is a bitch.

There is a moral of this story other than me writing about an annoying customer (which is also fun!) The moral here is please, please, PLEASE do not act like this one girl. More specifically, don't do what she did with the first drink, and especially don't ask for a mojito as a replacement. It really pisses the bartender off and as it turns out, there is bar karma that can come back and get you!


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