Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Type of Bar Crawl: The Shot Tour

In this article, I’m going to go over a new and awesome type of bar crawl that I made up. Ready?! Wait, I didn’t hear you, I typed, ARE YOU READY!?!?

Most people have heard of a bar golf- where you dress like a jackass about to play golf with a group of friends, go from bar to bar and drink. Each bar represents a hole or something. Well this is like that, except way more awesome and you don’t have to dress douchy.

It’s called a Shot Tour.

Here’s how it works:
1) Gather a bunch of friends. Dress any way you please, except like a golfer. However, themes are encouraged.
2) Print out the list of shots for the shot tour (more on this in a minute).
3) Pick a different drinking venue for each shot on your list.
4) Go from bar to bar, or party, or club, or lounge, or someone’s apartment, or wherever one drinks and do one shot per venue until you go through the entire shot list.

Now, it only takes like 3 seconds to do a shot, so you could go through the entire shot tour in like 15 minutes, but that will just get you super F-ed up and you’ll miss out on all the fun. I recommend making an entire night out of it- hang out at each place some. See how many other people you can get to do the shots with you. Tell people what you are doing and try to get other cool people to join you in the tour. Sub in a shot the bartender specializes in. Get the bartenders to do shots with you. See how many you can get for free. The possibilities are endless!

So what shots do you do? You can make your own list, but I already made you an awesome list for the Shot Tour that I recommend.

1) Grand Marnier – Delicious. I like mine chilled.
2) Smurf Village – My own recipe- equal parts vanilla vodka, Hypnotiq and peach Schnapps. You would have to tell the bartender how to make this one- WELL worth it!
3) Orgasm – Bailey’s, Amaretto and Kahlua. You can also make this a bomb by dropping it in a Blue Moon. It’s awesome!
*Have a water at the third bar also- you’ll thank me in the morning*
4) Chocolate Cake – Vanilla vodka and Frangelico garnished with a sugared lemon wedge. You can also make this one a bomb and drop it in a Guinness- chocolaty delicious!
5) Speedy Grandma – This is a bomb- drop a shot of Grand Marnier into Red Bull. This one is in the middle of the night for a reason!
6) Mind Eraser – Layer in the shot (bottom to top) Kahlua, vodka, soda water. Drink with a straw and enjoy!
*Have a water at the sixth bar also*
7) Hairy Navel – Vodka, orange juice and peach Schnapps. The best is if you can do this at a place that has mango juice and have them use that instead of OJ- so good.
8) Blonde Slut – Grand Marnier (I know, 3rd shot with it, but it’s so damn good!), peach Schnapps and pineapple.
9) Buttery Nipple – Bailey’s and butterscotch Schnapps.
*Again, another water at the ninth bar*
10) Jolly Rancher Shot – Vodka, apple Pucker and cranberry. There are lots of different ways to make this one, but I use that recipe.

Side note- I added a few suggestions for this, but you can drop pretty much any of these in a beer that may match (or Red Bull if you think it would be good too) and make them bombs.

Last stop on the tour is to get food at the end of the night- something greasy is best.

Will definitely make for a fun night- if your going out to do one, call me!

Oh, and DEFINITELY call me if this >>>>>>
happens to you!


Or you can make all of these shots at home. Check Drizly: they'll deliver all the booze to your house. In an hour. And you can save $5. 

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