Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Drink I Invented – The Smurf

OK, first thing’s first- I’m on the bus right now on my way to New York and am definitely going to go out. Obviously my next post will be stories about a DC bartender’s adventures in NYC. It’s gunna be dope!

THIS week’s post is a drink that I made up. This is the first drink I ever made up and also my most popular. It’s delicious- it’s called the Smurf. If you’ve been following me here, you may have noticed that I put it on the Shot Tour as one of the shots.

You can have it a few different ways but each way has the same basic ingredients:
-1 ounce vanilla vodka
-1 ounce peach Schnapps
-1 ounce Hypnotiq

It got the name “Smurf” because it comes out blue. It’s sweet and you can barely tell it’s all booze. Excellent panty dropper.

This is probably a drink that you’re going to have to go to a bar to order, but if you have all this stuff at home, then game on!

Different Ways to Drink a Smurf

1) Smurf Cocktail – This is the 3 ingredients on the rocks.
2) Smurfette – Add ingredients into shaker and ice, shake and pour into a martini glass. Skewer a cherry with a stir straw and put it in the glass.
3) Papa Smurf – Same as a Smurfette, but slide the cherry to the middle of the straw and place it on top of the glass so the cherry is hovering over the drink. This makes it look like the blue drink has a red hat. Papa Smurf.
4) Smurf Village – Drink the mixture as shots, making a bunch of little blue glasses.

Try it, let me know what you think and spread the word!



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  1. Only a pillow biter would order this drink. You should give tips for getting cum out of your mustache to compliment this recipe.