Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Get Drunk off of Candy Canes

I put this recipe up about a year ago but recently did a private party where the host asked me to make it into a martini.  The original recipe was a little too heavy, so I switched it up a little.  Here is the new and improved mix that is a great shot or martini:
1 ½ ounces Peppermint Schnapps
1 ½ ounces Pinnacle Whipped Vodka (you may noticed that I'm obsessed with this brand recently)
½ ounce half and half
Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake and pour.  It will make 3-4 shots or 1 martini. Garnish the martini with a mini candy cane on the rim of the glass.
Drink and get jolly.
Candy Cane Shot
The holidays is a time to reflect, give thanks, be with loved ones, and most of all, drink and eat a TON. So this holiday season while you are drinking your weight in booze, be sure to get a little festive and do a round of this shot. It’s the Candy Cane shot. This shot is actually the festive and seasonal shot that I am doing for a private holiday party in a week or so- guaranteed to get Santa crunk.
It’s very simple:
1) One part Peppermint Schnapps
2) One part cream
3) Half a part vodka
Shake in ice and pour into shot glasses. Then drizzle a dash of grenadine in each and stir a little with a straw to make little red swirls.
Drink and get jolly.

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