Friday, November 20, 2015

A Seasonal Kick in the A$$

A Seasonal Kick in the A$$

Are you ever there and it's time to party… But you’re tired?

Do your friends ever tell you that you need to rally… But you're dragging?

Are you ever at venue #1 of who knows how many… And you feel a yawn coming on?

You're in the right place, because the Fall signature drink that I came up with this year has just the thing for you.

Yes, I do create a signature Fall cocktail every year. You can get with it Here. And Here.

After looking at all of my delicious pumpkin Fall drinks, you may be thinking one thing. And chances are you are right.


I'm just going to write this blog post, drink and eat everything pumpkin that I can find, put on a sweater, get in my comfortable black leggings, tell you everything that I love about Fall, and then literally cant even for about 300 hours. You have literally no clue how much I look like Han Solo right now. Literally.

Now that we’ve firmly established that I love the sh*t out of pumpkins, I also need to let you know that I love coffee. From or not from Starbucks. The joke's over though but I know you would think that.  Lets move on. 

Now, both of my passions culminate into oral ecstasy to form this Fall's orgasm for your mouth. In cocktail form.

Shall we?

The recipe you've been waiting for

-Fill shaker with lots of ice
---1.5 oz espresso
---1.5 oz pumpkin pie vodka
---3/4 oz vanilla vodka (lots of flavored vodkas will actually work here, like whipped or cake)
-Shake the living sh*t out of it
-Pour into a glass with more ice in it.
-Drink and enjoy. Then wake the f*uck up. If you don’t do this last part, you messed up and need to try again (read: suck less).

That’s it! Now throw a party and hire me to serve this drink there.

You can also buy all the ingredients to make this drink on Drizly and get it delivered to your door. In an hour. And get $5 off. Yes please.


PS: I had a ton of fun putting this post together.  Here's why

This too:

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