Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Make Beer Even Better

How to Make Beer Even Better

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Beer is awesome.  God made it on the 4th day and it’s perfect.”  And I agree, beer is effing great.  

In this post I’m going to share some things that I’ve been playing with (and loving) to make a good beer even better or a crap beer OK.  So crack a cold one and lets go!

I like Blue Moon. I've always found it interesting that it's probably the only widely distributed beer that's garnished with an orange.  And one day it came to me to throw some triple sec in it my Blue Moon.  The result: delicious. It tastes like orange soda and is stronger than normal beer.  

Then I didn’t think much about adding cocktail ingredients to beer for a long time. 

A little while ago I was in Hawaii and got introduced to a local brand called Kona Brewing Company.  If you haven’t had their beer, try it. It’s amazing.  My favorite of these was their Pipeline Porter, which is a coffee flavored porter.  

Once I was back home in DC, I found a 6 pack of it and started getting creative.  I had some vanilla vodka sitting around that I use in my Smurf cocktail and decided to mix the two.  One Pipeline Porter mixed with ¾ to 1 ounce of vanilla vodka is fantastic.  It’s called Hawaiian Christmas.

In case you couldn’t see it coming, the way to make beer even better is to add ¾ to 1 ounce of vodka.  And not only does adding vodka make beer even more delicious, it makes it stronger. Yes, C is for Crunk. 

I’ve recently started experimenting with all kinds of combinations of beers and vodkas.  My favorite types of beers to use are stouts and porters but others work too.  I like adding vanilla, espresso or chocolate flavored vodkas.  These are my go-tos, but lots of different ones will work.

Lets explore some good combinations, shall we?
Pipeline Porter + Vanilla Vodka
Chocolate Beer + Espresso Vodka
Vanilla Beer + Chocolate Vodka
Chocolate Beer + Chocolate Vodka
Pumpkin Beer + Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka
Pumpkin Beer + Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
Light Beer + Citrus Vodka
Blue Moon + Orange Vodka
Fruity Wheat Beer + Peach Vodka

The combinations are endless. I’ve talked about adding vodka to beer in this post, but you can also add tequila, rum or any other cocktail ingredient you fancy.   Lastly, be careful- these drinks are good ways to get a hangover- read this post to arm yourself.



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  1. This is a pretty awful post.

    First: Why would I waste my expensive triple sec (because I tried to cut corners with cheap crap, and that was horrible)instead of a cheap orange? I can garnish more beers than I can drink with one orange.

    Second: Why oh why would you ever add vodka to a beer (this applies to the triple sec as well). Changing the ABV changes the taste of the beer. Why don't you just explore a little and try some less common beers with a higher abv? Duvel for instance.

    I've really no comment on the Pipeline (which I personally find a sub par porter) other than to suggest, again, that you explore for a beer you enjoy the flavor of, rather than than adding vanilla extract to a beer you obviously don't find complete.

  2. Well that guy is kind of a dick... I personally like the post only because I am a bartender and I am noticing a trend with people adding shots to their beers. Doesn't mean I would want to, because
    I love the taste of beer as is, but everyone has their own taste preferences, so I dig the ideas. Next time someone wants a shot in their beer, I can refer back to this. Thanks